You are currently viewing If you are looking to create a proposal for a Shopify website, here are some resources that can help:

If you are looking to create a proposal for a Shopify website, here are some resources that can help:

  1. Qwilr: Qwilr provides a free Shopify web design proposal builder that allows you to use professionally-designed templates or build your proposal from scratch using their simple editor. You can add interactive content, text, images, videos, spreadsheets, forms, and more to your proposal. You can also set up your brand styles, including fonts, colors, logos, and more, so that every proposal matches your brand perfectly1.
  2. Uplers: Uplers offers specialized Shopify web design services that can help you with responsive, user-friendly, and interactive Shopify themes for your store. They also provide product and inventory set-up, Shopify SEO implementation, and Shopify app development services2.
  3. Shopify Partners Blog: The Shopify Partners Blog provides a guide on how to create an ecommerce proposal for Shopify experts, including a basic proposal outline, cover, intro letter, approach, case studies, scope of services, fees, about us, and team3.
  4. AgencyDocs: AgencyDocs provides a simple Shopify website proposal that you can use to produce simple Shopify websites with under 50 products. The proposal has enough for a small-scale Shopify website with perhaps under 50 products. You can use this proposal with clients who also sell their products at brick-and-mortar stores or on Amazon4.
  5. Amasty: Amasty offers custom Shopify website development services, including turn-key store development, maintenance, and development of specific features. They also offer Shopify app development services to increase the capabilities of your Shopify store5.
  6. 99Designs: 99Designs provides a guide on how to make a Shopify website in 9 steps, including familiarizing yourself with the Shopify website builder, planning your website, and personalizing your Shopify website to make it your own. They also offer Shopify web design services6.

These resources can provide inspiration for your own Shopify website proposal, as they showcase different design styles, product offerings, and marketing strategies.


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