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What Makes A Great Website?

People often ask what makes a Great website. Whether we have a list of a Few Features that a great site should have.Sadly, there isn’t an easy, one-size-fits-all answer to this. Because  It depends What kind of site you have and what you want to achieve? Who do you want to target? There are, however, a few best practices that help you get underway, that can help every site become a good site and a better search result. Let’s Discuss a Few Important Tips :

1.Quality Website UI & UX

User Interface (UI) – deals with the controls that users use to interact with a website, including display and gesture control.

User Experience (UX) – Dealing with what kind of feeling is working, including user behavior after using this website.

2.Good Lead Conversion / Call to Action

Call to action is the main Feature of a webpage, CTA is a Short Form of Call to action. Generally, A call to action is used to prompt an audience to take a specific action. Live Example: emails, Buy now, Subscribe, Sign Up and Learn More etc.

3.Try to Represent your Services only (Less Social Media / 3rd Party Websites)

It’s Really So Important to Represent our Service Clearly by using images, text, and video on our Website. Depending on our user will use the images, text, and video but our main intention will be to grab the potential customer’s attention. But no not to connect 3rd party websites or links.

4.Arrange the Pages

For a web app, pages play a vital role. so must focus on it and need to be well decorated Depending on the page requirement.

5.Good SEO and Search Rankings

When we feel that our website is ready to launch, we must optimize our website for Google, that’s called SEO( Search Engine Optimization ). As a result, We will get organic visitors from Google.

6.Solid Presentation on Mobile, Tablets and Other Internet Technology

In web Design, “Responsive web” is the most popular word. Without This word, web design is meaningless.Our Visitors may visit our website through several devices like mobile, tablet, and laptop .so our website has to look better on any devices or media.


If you feel that you just simply buy a domain, get some random Host, install WordPress and pick a theme that looks cool, then you leave it at that, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You must need to plan to get things right and follow a strategy- which may be the most important element of a good website. only a professional Web designer can do it. So Don’t Waste Time!

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